Wallacedale Farm view


Wallacedale Jerseys was established in 1947 by the late Vic Wallace.  Along with his wife Val, they moved in 1957 to the current farm location at Poowong North in South Gippsland, Victoria. The herd has been run as a family operation since that time and is now managed by Luke, his wife Melanie and Luke's parents Cliff and Marieka. The property consists of 75 hectares, made up of permanent pastures that are grazed by a milking herd of 220 registered Jerseys. The young cattle are run on a further 40 hectare property. The cows are fed on pasture, pasture silage and green crops such as sorghum during summer and approximately 1.8 tonne of grain mix per cow. The herd has a rolling production average of 6448 litres, 3.6%prt, 235kg protein, 5.0%fat, 323kg fat in 296 days.

Bemersyde Eileen 98
Bemersyde Eileen 98 (shown)
sold for record price at time of 1100 gns

Bemersyde Jerseys was established in 1938 by Melanie's Grandfather and his brother the late Roy and Gordon Cox. They purchased the top young heifer, Eileen 4th, from the prominent Belgonia Stud, for a high price for the time, of 58 pound ($116). Purchased from the same stud was Belgonia Noella's 4th Jester, becoming the top sire of that era. At that time there was no AI and shows were the main form of promotion. Daughters from this bull won 5 Champion Cow awards at Melbourne Royal and Champion Dairy Cow awards at Melbourne and Sydney, producing to 884lb (398kg) butterfat, and dozens of Champions at other Royal Shows and major country shows. The stud was renowned for large framed, wedgy dairy cows which could be compared in many ways to todays Jersey cow. Over time Ross and Liz Cox, who are Melanie's parents, took over the herd. In 1999 the farm and herd was sold, 30 cows from some of the leading and longest established families, were purchased by Wallacedale to continue on the highly successful and well respected Bemersyde name.